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De coaching sessies met Rosalie heb ik als professioneel en prettig ervaren. Rosalie luistert aandachtig en stelt simpele vragen en dirigeert je zo naar de kern. Het heeft me enorm veel inzicht verschaft in hoe ik op professioneel vlak beslissingen maak. Het ontwijken van de mij bekende valkuilen gaat me nu veel gemakkelijker af. :)



Period: Q2 2018-Q1 2019
When I first met Rosalie, at work, I immediately had a feeling of comfort when talking to her. You know this feeling when you don’t really know a person and I gladly do long coffee breaks while chitchatting about everything. Only when our paths were parting at work, came I to know that Rosalie was also a coach, a to-be coach back then. Back then I thought that coaching is not something I would do, because I had everything under control, as it seemed. But there were also moments in my life I wasn’t sure about and I thought I will give it a chance.


I am writing this review sitting in 2020, but I still remember the day we had our first session. I was in my usual working Friday, trying to do everything at work, packed with meetings and being slightly nervous that I didn’t prepare enough for this first coaching meeting. 1,5 hours flew by and I had so
much more space in my head to think about myself and my future. This is exactly what I needed! Space in my head without noise of millions of to-do’s and to-go’s without knowing where am I actually going? Or better to say, running?


Nowadays I recommend having a coach to everyone and I will definitely come back to coaching every now and then. I learned that the coach is not so much about giving advice but about asking questions and listening. How often do you have the opportunity to talk to someone who would ask questions only and listen to what you have to say?


I have a great boyfriend, beautiful family, amazing friends, but I wouldn’t start talking about myself only, even when I have issues. This is just not my nature, I think. And I realized how simple and how valuable it is – to talk, to answer questions, to imagine/visualize and to have more space in your head to think about things that are important to you. And add to it direction that Rosalie gives to a conversation. Beautiful!

I am very grateful to Rosalie for the sessions we had and I will definitely recommend this to everyone. 



I first met Rosalie through a friend’s recommendation. I was a bit skeptical at first but after the first session, I immediately became a huge fan.


Not only was she warm- makes me feel comfortable about sharing all the difficulties in life without feeling embarrassed, but also very insightful- always able to point out the blind spot I was missing and guide me through the process.


She helped me connect all different life scenarios dots to a line, transfer my emotion to positive prospects and encouraged me to face the worst fear inside of me. I can see myself improving over time and it all thanks to Rosalie.


I was quite lost with both my professional and personal life for a while. Luckily, Rosalie was very patient, organized and encouraging which were exactly what I needed for moving on. She was a GREAT listener. I got to talk about all the challenges and rethink what’s the impact and meaning to my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself or with friends. This requires highly professional coaching skills and experiences, which proves how helpful Rosalie can be for everyone in need.


If you were looking for a change of your life and career, Rosalie would definitely be the right choice for you!



Graag wilde ik gecoacht worden op een specifiek vlak, maar al gauw kwamen we bij mijn gehele manier van denken en omgaan met. Je kan natuurlijk nooit 1 aspect van je leven behandelen, zonder daarbij ook naar de rest te kijken.


Ik heb een aantal heel heldere (en confronterende) inzichten gekregen door de coaching van Roos. Ze luistert open en met aandacht, zonder oordeel. Het gaf mij een prettig gevoel en het vertrouwen en de durf om mijn hersenspinsels met haar te delen. Op een rustige manier pikt ze bepaalde punten uit je verhaal die ze je teruggeeft om meer zelf inzicht te geven.

Ik ben heel dankbaar voor wat ze tot nu toe voor me heeft betekent en zal zeker in de toekomst nog de nodige gesprekken met haar inplannen voor self maintenance. Het is goed om iemand te hebben die je helpt alles weer even in het juiste perspectief te zien

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